Monday, September 14, 2009

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Editors' Choice: Tijuana hipster haunts

Amid the drug war, swine flu and the ongoing plague of fear that's inspired most everyone north of the border to keep their distance from Mexico, something happened in Tijuana: the rebirth of a scene. 

Locals have resurrected a loop of all-but-forgotten bars that reside along Sixth Street between Revolucion and Madero avenues, collectively branding the cluster as "La Sexta" (The Sixth). A band of vintage dives that fall into the same category as Nunu'sPac Shores or the Alibi, it's quickly risen to that of the Sunset Boulevard of Tijuana. 

Who's to say whether it was the arrival of American Apparel at the far end of the block, which unleashed a steady supply of deep V-necks and neon tights, or La Mezcalera's move to convert its rear storage space into a small club -- complete with a second bar and Simons on the walls. Either way, it's an altogether alternate reality compared to the nonstop frat-boys-in-flops circus of yesteryear. 

La Mezcalera co-owner Sergio calls it the only neighborhood that maintains the true essence of Tijuana, a place that locals can call their own. 

"You can see the typical alcoholic, the stereotypical prostitute and at the same time you can see a girl with a Chanel purse," he says. "That's Tijuana. It's a place where everything could be mixed in the same place."

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