Thursday, August 27, 2009

-mi rocker se "inspiro"-

un poquito cheese para mi gusto, pero muy sweet.........

"u really caught me off guard with ur text. i wrote a song about it".

he sheds his last tear,
for his sweet heartache.
his time just aint right,
and he makes his final mind.
the street light goes out tonight.
street light goes out tonight

gotta stand up to life.
gotta face her in the eye.
tell this girl how u feel.
cause this is what they want to hear.
he felt her through out the years.
this night is not her night.

he had to be that man tonight.
that man with one tear.
one tear in my eye.
one tear he could not cry.

this just aint the time
his heart feels so sore.
this woman he does adore
gracias mi amore
too bad this light went out tonight.